Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining Wall Construction

Cranberry Construction installs retaining walls on both residential and commercial properties to cover a wide range of needs. The most common reasons include soil retention, to block or divert water, erosion control, and correcting drainage issues. A sound retaining wall can help with all of the above points and allow you to make better use of the land on your property. Retaining walls also add aesthetic appeal in addition to functionality.

The Right Materials and Equipment

Not all retaining walls are the same, and the intended purpose greatly influences the types of materials we use. Cranberry Construction offers wood, stone, steel, and modular block retaining walls. Our team will meet with you to look at your property and understand your goals. We will then go over the various retaining wall designs and materials that would work best on your property. Cranberry Construction utilizes specialized equipment along with our decades of experience to install retaining walls of all types, built specifically to the requirements of our clients.

Retaining Wall
Construction Services

Retaining Walls Sussex COunty NJ, Warren COunty NJ, Morris County NJ
  • Soil retention
  • To allow proper drainage
retaining wall construction morris county nj
  • To prevent erosion
  • To protect against floods and snow
  • To block or divert water during rainstorms or spring melts

Safety First

Retaining walls are designed to stand up against time and the elements. Building retaining walls requires proper materials, equipment, and the know-how, along with a plan focused on safety. Cranberry Construction employs a “safety first” philosophy to protect workers, homeowners, business owners and their employees/properties. When we prioritize safety, we are able to work quickly and efficiently so we can construct the retaining wall you need while eliminating tangible risks to people and property alike.


At Cranberry Construction, we draw on over 20 years of experience to perform our jobs. We have installed commercial and residential retaining walls of all types and delivered long-lasting results to our clients for over 20 years. Our team will analyze the type of soil on your property, the runoff, ground slope, and more to ensure your retaining wall is secure and that it performs and functions as you expect.

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Cranberry Construction provides professional service for all of your retaining wall needs. Our business operates on the three pillars of safety, quality, and professionalism. If you need a new retaining wall for any reason, or if you need to repair and reinforce an existing retaining wall on your property, contact the experts at Cranberry Construction today. One of our team members will set up an appointment to meet with you to understand your needs.

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