Brokk Project Management, Consulting, & Operator

The Brokk Management, Consulting, and Operator

Brokk Project Management, Consulting, and Operator

Cranberry Construction can help manage your project no matter what size from start to finish. The owner of Cranberry Construction, Damian Pezzolla, has well over 20,000 hours of hands on field experience where he gained the skills necessary to operate Brokk machinery. Furthermore with thorough training on the safety features/capabilities of Brokk robotic equipment and extensive equipment repair knowledge Cranberry Construction has all the tools necessary to help manage your project.

With this training, Cranberry Construction has the capability to use the right equipment for any job to keep demolition projects on track. From knowing the right attachments to use on a job, to making sure the right precautions are used during a demolition project with Brokk equipment, Cranberry Construction has the knowledge, training, and experience to manage projects, consult clients on best practices, and operate Brokk machinery.

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